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Self-Publishing on Medium

Dave Logan
3 min readNov 24, 2021


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Apparently, I couldn’t stay away for very long. Only a few short days have gone by since I last published something on Medium. It’s not as if I really have much to say. The last few days have been relaxing and my brain is starting to feel like it can function normally instead of constantly running on overdrive.

And article I read the other day by Will Hull sparked my interest and here we are. To be fair, quite a few of his articles get my writing senses thinking, but this one in particular captured my attention. He wrote a piece called Self-Publishing: Self Sabotage or ‘Relational’ Inspiration?

I agree with a lot of what he says in the article, including how the phone app functions, or doesn’t, sometimes things just happen, and the recent shift away from publications on Medium by Medium.

When I started writing here back in March, I was not associated with any publications, nor did I have a plethora of followers. I self-published a handful of pieces and waited with anticipation for people to read. My views and reads were less than spectacular, and I got frustrated quickly. In the meantime, I went on a reading spree myself. I was all sorts of articles and following the people that I enjoyed reading.

Will Hull, Jennifer McDougall, and Claire Kelly were first three people that I really started interacting with on Medium. They helped me get involved with some publications and learn the everchanging ropes of Medium. Slowly, my followers started to appear. I hit a wall within 15 days of my first published piece and completely abandoned ship.

In April, I went through some personal things and was glad to be away from writing at that time. I came back in May and started writing feverishly. I was ready to write and show my best effort. Things started going well and the number of people following me increased drastically. My pieces were getting more views and I was trying new things like writing poetry. I was also solely submitting my work to different publications on Medium. I refused to self-publish any of my work.

On the Fourth of July, I was a passenger in a car and was writing a handful of poems on the Medium App. Earlier that morning I had found some photos on Unsplash that I…



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